Saturday, June 25, 2011


Thanks to all for their good wishes about Kit!  He seems to be feeling like his old self again, eating well.  We haf new food and mama is trying to find some that we both like.  She thinks it is going to be a trial and error process.  Mom gotted us new treats, too.  They are grain free dental treats, and we hate them!  They haf to be pretty bad if efun I won't eat them, because I love treats!

We are used to our collars, now.  Mine is pink!

At first we really hated them and tried to get them off.  I couldn't get mine off, but Kit gotted his off right away.  But mama wrestled him and gotted it back on and he is used to it now.

They tooked it off when they did his ultrasound and he didn't fight mama at all when she put it back on.  She says he has to haf it in case he keeps running outside, and I haf to haf it because he has to haf it.  In these pictures we are drinking our Whiskas cat milk, which we love so much!

I hope you are all haffing a nice Caturday.  We are haffing a good one, just hanging out and trying our new food and taking naps.  There's not much sun today.  Take it easy!


Kwee Cats said...

Hi Athena! We sure are glad Kit is doing so much better. That is such a relief. We still gonna keeps you and hims in our purrs :-) Some of us like treats, but most of us don't. Mumsy gots us some of those healthy-good-for-teeth treats too. And we hates them too. The tryin till you like it on the food sounds kinda fun, so longs as your tummy gets fulls.

We hasn a good Caturday, and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekends :-)

Katnip Lounge said...

HURRAH for Kit! Mommy gotted us some super healthy kibble, and we detest it! Only Rupert and The Baby will eat it. Oh, and Johnny. But he's really a piggy so he doesn't count.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I'm so happy to hear that Kit is getting back to his old self. As for those dental treats - ha! When they take something that's good for you and try to turn it into a treat, that is almost always a big FAIL.

The Kewl~Kitty~Krew said...

We're so happy your brofur is doing better and we think your new collars are pretty sweet. Sorry you hate yer new treats, that's no fun, hating treats. Send your mommy right back out to get new ones!!!

Brian said...

You look very fancy in your pink collar! I am sure glad Kit is doing better and I really like your header picture too!!!

Mr Puddy said...

Yippee !!! for Kit : )
Some time new treats or food doesn't work for me too. Like last week mom bought me one bag of dried fish for cat, I just lick and leave..heh..heh..Mom think if she can eat it, she will do because it's a million of them in the bag : )
We cats are complicated sometime ; )

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Good news indeed! YEAH Kit

Mark's Mews said...

We are pretty sure "treats" are sposed ta taste yummy! Iffen they are just "good for us", jus say so.

We dont mind our collars cuz they are pretty loose. Im missin mine right now, but not cuz I tried to get it off. Sometimes just scratching the neck makes it loose...


The Cat From Hell said...

Hi Athena (and Kit)
Me is so happy Kit is feeling better. Me hates my collar to, but
thatwhen you gots to wear it, yous got to wear it!
Happy Caturday and Easy Like Sunday!

Prancer Pie said...

We is soo happy Kit is better! Your pink collar looks pretty on you. I haf never worn a collar, so i might go crazy too. But, i'm a totally indoor kitty. Nefur, would i run away from mom. (she's the best) Have a purrfect Sunday.

MoMo said...

Hiya Athena, we came over from the Zoolatry where we saw your pretty portrait. My SS has been very lazy, er, busy, so we haven't been visiting or blogging much. Please visit me in my winter garden (brrrr) if you feel up to it.