Tuesday, April 19, 2011

here is my first post!

Hi!  here is my first post!  I am so acited to finally have a blog.  My name is Athena and I am 7 years old.  I am a torbie cat.  I live with my mama and my brofur in Mary-land and we are a very happy family.  I am the happiest one in the house.  My mama calls me sweet girl and little bit.  My brofur calls me stinker.  He is older than I am but I am bigger than he is.  He is stronger than I am though.  His name is Kit.  I may let him post here some times if he is nice.  He is usually pretty nice to me.  My favorite toys to play with are bouncy balls and my fish on a string!  I love to chase the balls and the fishy.  I also really love nip, I mean I really love it.  My mama says I have a problem.  I don't know what that means.  My favorite snack is Temptations.  I eat mine all up and I eat Kit's too.

okay I am going to go play now!  I'm looking forward to meeting you all!


Katnip Lounge said...

Hi Athena! We saw your comment on Derby & Ducky's blog and came over to visit! You are a very pretty kitty, we think the boycats will like you verreh much.
Come by and see us, we love company!

ABBY said...

Hi Athena!
What a purrty name. And that just matches your beauty.
It is very nice to meet you.
Welcome to the blogosphere.
Thank you for dropping by my blog we always love making new fur friends.

William said...

Hi Athena! We're so glad you came to visit us. Welcome to the CB, and we look forward to hearing more about you and Kit, too!

P.S. You are very pretty.

The Meezers or Billy said...

HI HI HI Athena! Oh boy we is SOOOOOOOO happy to meet you!!!! welcome to cat blogging!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Welcome Athena! Woo hoo. Yoo is in for a nice treat wif all da nice kittehs here in da blogosphere. :blink blink:

Admiral Hestorb said...

Hello pretty Athena. I'm so glad you came to see me today. You are a gorgeous girl! I hope I get to meet your brofur...on accounta I'ma girl cat. MOL.

The Meezers or Billy said...

Hey Athena, haf you been to the cat blogosphere site to post your linkie there for efurryone to bisit you? www.blog.catblogosphere.com

Can't wait to learn more about you!

Tillie and Georgia said...

Hi Athena!! You are a very pretty kitty!!!!
We giggled at your brofur's laser eyes,heehee
We are looking forward to learning more about you
We hope you have fun blogging. There are so many fine kitties out there!!!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

zoolatry said...

Hi to Athena (and to your bro-fur and hu-mom)... we welcome you to the wonderful and fun world of cat blogging!

The Crew said...

Hi Athena & Kit. Welcome to our cat blogging community!